Forty years of making racing cams, ultra modern design systems and CNC camshaft grinding facilities, have allowed us to craft a wide range of proven designs that you can purchase 'off the shelf' directly from our official e store or from dealers worlswide. Click here to open CamshaftShop .Or if it is regrind or repair that you are looking for, keep reading below.
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A regrind on a Toyota 4K to get a lumpy idle or a new 60mm roller cam for a serious speedway or drag racing application, you have come to the right place.We have hundreds of new cams available that are not in the catalogue yet and we have a great re-grinding service. Click here to search popular re-grinds and new cams for your engine.

If your camshaft is worn and a replacement is too expensive or not available, reconditioning your original cam could be a good option for you. In fact, often hard welded camshafts will outlive the originals. We have bee repairing and reconditioning cams for over 40 years so take advantage of our superior knowledge and expertise.  

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We have compiled some technical articles to assist you with your engine build. Read our cam timing instructions, valve to piston clearance checking procedure and engine model specific technical advice here .