Import Tuner installs and tests kelford's 179-a honda k series Cams

K series installImport Tuner Magazine has installed and tuned a set of Kelford 179-A Camshafts for Honda K Series engines with some awesome results!


Article Excerpt: The Kelford Stage 1 cams might be advertised as a mild cam, but deliver like a race cam, offering good response and lots of power through the entire rpm range. Asking Erick his impressions of the cams, he had this to offer: "Factory cams begin to lose power after 7,800 rpm but these cams want to make more power, even past our final 8,698rpm run. I wouldn't be surprised if they made more power past 9,000rpm."



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Kpower_Import_Tuner_Kelford_Article.pdf></a> <a mce_thref=Kpower_Import_Tuner_Kelford_Article.pdf (2.20 MB)