New Race Cams

CamsKelford Cams have been producing high quality racing camshafts since 1968 but it is only in the last seven years that we have been operating with ultra modern design systems and CNC grinding machinery.


Our new racing camshafts are among the best available anywhere in the world and are found in many record breaking race engines in all forms of motorsport. Whether it be professional or amateur racing, we have the will to win and we will do our best to help our customers win.


CAMSHAFTSHOP is where you can purchase Kelford Cams. Our most popular camshafts are listed online here:



The CAMSHAFTSHOP products are only a small selection of what we have available, so coming soon to this page will be a complete list of every camshaft that we can manufacture as an 'off the shelf' item. We will also list all of the popular grinds for that partuicular engine type, so you can see what has worked for others over the last 40 years. 


Remember we can build anything you need.

With our design systems and their intergration to our masterless CNC cam grinder, we can turn your desired figures into a finished camshaft in one easy step. The benefit is custom cams built to your spec (or specifications designed by us) with quick turnaround at low cost.