KVS109-STi Pacaloy valve springs

Kelford KVS109-STi Valve SpringsWe are pleased to announce the arrival of the new ‘Kelford Valve Springs’ to suit Subaru EJ20 and EJ25 engines. These springs suit the Version 5 heads from 1999 onwards, including the current dual AVCS engine.

This valve spring is engineered to match our camshafts and is intended for use in engines using running up to 30lb of boost and 8000rpm, with stock valve train weights. There is no need for titanium retainers with this spring up to this boost and rpm level, so we made a premium quality valve spring that drops right in at stock installed height and using all stock parts.

We made this valve spring to suit our camshafts because the other springs on the market had either too much open pressure, or too little closed pressure. This spring is specifically made to compliment the unique characteristics of the Subaru boxer engine, and they should be used to ensure proper performance and reliability. After all, your high performance engine is a sizeable investment, so we endeavour to bring you the highest quality parts at a realistic price.

This valve spring is made from the highest quality spring wire from Kobe in Japan, and is wound for us in USA by the very best spring makers. Some other springs on the market also use this premium wire also but it is the processing and finishing of the Kelford Valve Spring that makes it superior. Once the spring is wound and the ends trimmed we do not stop there; we apply further process to make a higher quality, longer lasting valve spring. We chamfer the inner of the spring for better fit to the retainer, we polish, nanopeen and nitride the spring to increase its strength, and we ‘set’ the spring so that it is race ready right out of the box.