Designed to work with your Stock ECU

This service is a re-grind of your existing cam shaft (not off the shelf cams). Send us your cam/s and we will modify them and send them back to you.

Kelford Cams have 40 years of cam grinding experience and we know exactly what to do to each type of camshaft to extract the ultimate performance and reliability. 


Because we only remove a very small amount of material from the base circle radius, camshaft hardness and geometry are not adversely effected when choosing a Kelford Cams racing re-grind.


These grinds suit stock valve springs & ECU's and are designed to give a reasonably good power gain for a very small cost.

We have performance profiles for Japanese, English, American and European engines, all designed to work with your Stock ECU and valve springs.

  • Honda V-Tech 1600-2200

  • Mazda 1600-1800 DOHC N/A & Turbo

  • Nissan A12-A15  /  E15  /  RB20-25DE & DET  /  SR18/20  /  VG30 

  • Ford 105-109E  /  711F  /  Zephyr 6  /  V6  /  Falcon (all models)  /  Windsor, Cleveland, and all other V8's   

  • Holden 6  /  V6  /  all V8's

  • Chevrolet, All engines.

  • Rover V8

  • Mitsubishi 4G93 DOHC  /  4G63 DOHC (all models)

  • Plus many, many more...Discs

Adjustable Gears

Available For:  RB20, SR20, 4AGE, 3SGE, EVO1-8 & More...