A new or near new vehicle is in general 70% more expensive than a reconditioned engine and a paint job for your existing vehicle, so reconditioning is a sensible option.


We offer a camshaft regrinding service for worn factory camshafts. Regrinding, hard welding, heat treatment, crack testing etc of worn or damaged camshafts is what we have been doing for OVER 40 years.


Most engines can easily be rebuilt, often at a cost that is only slightly more than fitting a second hand engine. Reconditioning your engine is an option that makes a lot of sense in today's economic climate.

Engine Reconditioning Association


We work with reconditioners from around the country and we are members of the NZERA (New Zealand Engine Reconditioners Association.) and normally offer a same day service,or the next day if your request comes in at the last minute. Ring us about this service and if you need further advice our team will be happy to tell you how to deal with your head, block or what ever it is that poses a problem.